Headed by the founder and the current director, Ihn Yang, Gallery IHN is one of the leading galleries which was established in April 1989. The fundamental purpose of the gallery is to promote, represent, support and exhibit the new and innovative works of major Korean artists. The gallery also aims to develop relationship between the art, the artists, the audiences, and the collectors. The gallery has been dedicated to contemporary Korean art, bringing together artists from different generations, whose names widely represent in Korea as well as at international art market. Gallery IHN has obtained reputation in organizing ambitious and innovative exhibition.s of leading artists. The gallery moved to its present premises in Sagan area, near Kyung-Bok Palace and the Blue House in August 1998. With its characteristic space including 2 showrooms, the gallery acts as a consultant to major museums and public art institutions and as a precursor to Korean contemporary art. Since its inception in 1989, Gallery IHN has held exhibitions specialized in contemporary Korean art including painting, sculpture, photography, mixed media and installations. The gallery currently represents the most leading contemporary artists in Korea who are selected solely on the basis of their aesthetic quality and intellectual appeal. To fulfill its role as the leading fine arts gallery, Gallery IHN continues to not only host exhibitions of leading contemporary artists but also introduce young and rising artists.
예술과 대중간의 공감대 형성을 지향하는 갤러리 인은 1989년 동부 이촌동에 개관 후 1998년 경복궁 옆 팔판동으로 이전하여 삼청동 화랑가의 대표적인 화랑으로 자리매김 하였다. 세대와 장르를 아우르는 현대미술의 다양한 스팩트럼을 이해 할 수 있는 전시, 동시대 미술의 흐름을 짚어 볼 수 있는 핵심적인 전시를 꾸준히 개최하고있다. 해외 주요 아트페어에 지속적으로 참가하여 구축된 네트워크를 활용, 검증된 해외작가를 국내에 소개하고, 가능성 있는 국내작가를 해외에 알리는 창구로써 역할에도 적극적으로 임하고 있다. 아티스트와 컬렉터, 아티스트와 화랑, 나아가서는 미술과 관객의 상호 발전적인 관계를 위해 노력해온 갤러리 인은 앞으로도 완성도 있고 수준 높은 전시를 통해 대중과 예술과의 간극을 줄이도록 노력할 것이며 건강한 미술시장을 이끌어가는 견인차 역할을 충실히 수행할 것이다.